The problem with Samsung lithium ion batteries. How the company is fixing the problem? What options do they have?

How Samsung is fixing constant battles with batteries

The story of faulty batteries inn Samsung phones, laptops, and tablets has been around for quite some time. It should be remembered that in 2016, Samsung had to recall the newly launched Note 7. It is because Samsung received dozens of complains from users batteries were overheating. There are also users who reported that their phones exploded,caught fire, or started producing smoke.

How Samsung is fixing the problems Samsung said that the main reason why the lithium ion batteries had problems was a faulty battery system. These faults led to failures and therefore, the users experienced a lot of problems. However, the company has always assured customers that they ate working on ways to fix the problem completely. The gadgets that are in the market today have better batteries than the previous ones.

About Samsung

The electronics maker from South Korea started manufacturing products in the 1980s. For many decades, they have been coming up with new electronics. They have a wide array of products apart from phones, tablets, and laptops. Over the many years that they have been operational, the problem with their lithium ion batteries has been one of their lowest

After they recalled their batteries, the company started working on ways through which they can return to the market. It is never easy to recall a product but should be congratulated because of how it was handled the situation.

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