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Hazmat Compliance

Hazardous Material Compliance is focused on customers’ needs. Our operation is built on the premise of providing quick, convenient, dependable and efficient service to help ensure you meet your shipping obligations.

Tech-Reinforced Hazmat Support

Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and on-demand communication- technology is embedded in each part of our operations, allowing for optimized workflows and real-world solutions.

Go Hazmat can provide you with additional points of direction for your entire 3PL chain.

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Compliant Hazmat
Hazmat Rates Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Hazmat Rates

Within the hazmat freight market, shipping rates and charges can be influenced by the type of hazardous material, price of fuel, the weather, holidays, as well as global and local politics.

If your hazmat cargo is located in South Florida, consider our close proximity to Port of Miami and Port Everglades. We’re able to pull containers quickly and efficiently using our on-demand asset-based fleet. Our Hazmat 3PL experts can take care of all your hazardous material today.

Start by requesting a quote and our Hazmat 3PL experts will take it from there.

Asset-Based Hazmat Carrier

We can help your business with digital solutions, effective storage, shipping services, and operational compliance, all within South Florida.

Hazmat training is part of what we offer. Our courses provide comprehensive lessons containing the latest information regarding shipping of dangerous goods. These training programs consist of interactive exercises and quizzes to facilitate compliance with regulatory training requirements.

Certified instructors with years of experience in the hazmat shipping industry developed the training content and monitor constant changes in the regulations to provide updated training.

We specialize in hazmat courses for shippers, freight forwarders as well as for anyone employees that perform functions involving the hazardous material regulations (HMR).

What Sets Go Hazmat Apart

Hazmat Training
Hazmat Training Course Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Hazmat Training Courses

Go Hazmat offers comprehensive hazmat training courses, both online & on-site, to help individuals & organizations stay compliant with the latest regulations. Their certified instructors will equip you with the knowledge & skills necessary to safely handle & ship hazardous materials.

TSA Approved and Safety Certified Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

TSA & Safety Certified

Go Hazmat’s team is TSA-approved, hazmat-certified, and safety-trained to ensure the secure and efficient handling of your hazardous materials. Their commitment to safety extends to their warehouses, which feature advanced security measures and protocols.

Real Time 3PL Technology Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Real-Time Technology

Go Hazmat leverages cutting-edge technology to provide real-time tracking and instant notifications on your hazmat shipment. This transparency allows you to monitor your cargo’s progress and ensure its timely arrival.

Secure and Monitored Storage Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Secure & Storage

Go Hazmat offers secure and monitored storage facilities for your hazardous materials. Their warehouses feature 24/7 on-site security, advanced technology, and real-time updates from hazmat-certified staff for complete peace of mind.

Temperature Controlled Solutions Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Temperature Controlled

Go Hazmat understands that some hazardous materials require specific temperature control during storage and transportation. They offer dedicated storage solutions with temperature control to maintain product integrity and ensure compliance with regulations.

Simplified Management Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Simplified Management

GoHazHub is Go Hazmat’s user-friendly platform that serves as a single point of contact for all your hazmat needs. You can use GoHazHub to communicate with Go Hazmat, access billing information, track orders, and more, streamlining your experience.

On Demand Expertise Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

On-Demand Expertise

Go Hazmat’s mobile-ready team of experts is available to assist you with all your hazmat shipping needs. They offer on-site hazmat documentation, company-wide training, and insightful consulting services to ensure a smooth and compliant shipping process.

Flexible Storage Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Flexible Storage

Go Hazmat’s warehouses feature modular racking systems and customizable floor plans to accommodate your unique hazmat cargo requirements. They offer both private and public storage options, with dedicated secure storage for added protection.

Dedicated Hazmat Safe Locations Icon Go Hazmat Freight Hub Group #gohazmat #doxidonut

Hazmat Locations

Go Hazmat maintains dedicated hazmat storage locations that are separate from other types of storage facilities. These dedicated locations feature their own security systems to ensure the highest level of safety and compliance for hazardous materials.