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Are Your 3PL Hazmat Solutions Up-To-Date?

Despite the countless concrete and abstract evidence showing the value of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checks, there are still many who feel the vice, with current standing President Trump agreeing. While the Trump administration has intensified screening for laptops and tablets within the past year, yet they are considering removal TSA checks in roughly 150 airports nationwide.

Hazmat Training and Safety

This instance represents a much larger phenomenon, which touches a number of industries- ignoring specific safety regulations and protocols continues to cost time, money, and, most importantly, lives. When it comes to the safety of the general public, certain tasks- transporting hazardous materials or items- being compliant is an absolute must.

When traveling, storing, and/or handling large or sensitive items, Hazmat Hub has dedicated a number of resources in order to not only meet local and nationwide regulations, but to go even further for the safety of our team and to provide peace of mind to our customers.
Safety regulations, regardless of the industry, is always changing and staying up-to-date can be time consuming and costly- reasons why many outsource these services. Hazmat Hub continues to focus on safety for not only their staff, but those who are part of the logistics chain, with their on-site or on-line training program. By working with a specialist who focuses on safety and overall effective project success, businesses can focus on their specific operation models. Learn more about Hazmat Hub‘s training program here.

Hazmat Hub can provide a simple consultation or training and take care of the entire logistics transportation chain. Specifically for one’s compliance needs, Hazmat Hub provides:

  • On-Site Warehouse Inspection & Audits
  • D.O.T. Violations FAA Letters of Interpretation (S.L.I.s)
  • MSDS Emergency Response (Domestic & International)
  • Intermodal Interchange Agreements with Steamship Lines
  • Dangerous Goods Product Research
  • Dangerous Goods Quality Assurance
  • Dry Ice Temperature Recorders
  • Dry Ice Handling & Storage Procedures
  • System of Procedures (S.O.P.s)

For more information, follow us each week for the latest hazmat news or contact Hazmat Hub here.

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